The Internationale

Words by Eugene Pottier (1871)
Music by Pierre Degeyter (1888)
Piano (2001) and Orchestral (2003) Arrangements by Jerry Engelbach

The Internationale
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Degeyter’s original piano arrangement (if indeed it was by him) of The Internationale is harmonically tame, so I wrote these arrangements for myself. I wanted to avoid the stodginess of other versions but keep a 19th-century classical feeling. Recordings on the Web tend to be didactic (a sin in a song about revolution) or (shudder) pseudo-folky. The best singing I have heard has been by Marxist groups at street rallies. You don’t see too many of these in the United States.

There are two piano versions in the PDF file, in A Major and Bb Major. My chord symbols are the basic harmony and do not reflect all the changes in the arrangement. The lyrics I use are but one of many different versions available online.

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The more people who know, sing, and play The Internationale, the better. The arrangements are not under copyright and may be freely distributed. You may reprint them, post them on a Web site, or perform them at Carnegie Hall. Being subject to ordinary human vanity, I ask only that you give me credit.

Jerry Engelbach

129 Fort Greene Place • Brooklyn, NY 11217 • 718.694.0822

SOFTWARE: Finale 2002b
COMPUTER: Macintosh G4
MIDI INPUT: Fatar SL-880 controller keyboard
MIDI OUTPUT: Korg 3500 electric piano